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JLex::SparseBitSet Class Reference

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interface  BinOp

Public Member Functions

void and (SparseBitSet set)
void clear (int bit)
void clearAll ()
Object clone ()
Enumeration elements ()
boolean equals (Object obj)
boolean get (int bit)
int hashCode ()
void or (SparseBitSet set)
void set (int bit)
int size ()
 SparseBitSet (int nbits)
 SparseBitSet ()
 SparseBitSet (SparseBitSet set)
String toString ()
void xor (SparseBitSet set)

Static Public Member Functions

static boolean equals (SparseBitSet a, SparseBitSet b)
static void main (String[] args)

Package Attributes

long bits []
int offs []
int size

Private Member Functions

int bsearch (int bnum)
void insert_block (int idx, int bnum)
boolean isValid ()
void new_block (int bnum)
void new_block (int idx, int bnum)

Static Private Member Functions

static final void binop (SparseBitSet a, SparseBitSet b, BinOp op)

Static Private Attributes

static final BinOp AND
static final int BITS = 1<<LG_BITS
static final int BITS_M1 = BITS-1
static final int LG_BITS = 6
static final BinOp OR
static final BinOp XOR

Detailed Description

A set of bits. The set automatically grows as more bits are needed.

1.00, 25 Jul 1999
C. Scott Ananian

Definition at line 7455 of file Main.java.

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