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Static Package Functions | Static Package Attributes

JLex::CUtility Class Reference

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Static Package Functions

static void ASSERT (boolean expr)
static int bytencmp (byte a[], int a_first, byte b[], int b_first, int n)
static int charncmp (char a[], int a_first, char b[], int b_first, int n)
static char[] doubleSize (char oldBuffer[])
static byte[] doubleSize (byte oldBuffer[])
static void enter (String descent, char lexeme, int token)
static char hex2bin (char c)
static boolean ishexdigit (char c)
static boolean isnewline (char c)
static boolean isoctdigit (char c)
static boolean isspace (char c)
static void leave (String descent, char lexeme, int token)
static char oct2bin (char c)

Static Package Attributes

static final boolean DEBUG = true
static final boolean DESCENT_DEBUG = false
static final boolean DO_DEBUG = false
static final boolean DUMP_DEBUG = true
static final boolean FOODEBUG = false
static final int INT_MAX = 2147483647
static final int MAX_EIGHT_BIT = 255
static final int MAX_SEVEN_BIT = 127
static final int MAX_SIXTEEN_BIT = 65535
static final boolean OLD_DEBUG = false
static final boolean OLD_DUMP_DEBUG = false
static final boolean SLOW_DEBUG = true

Detailed Description

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