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final String JLex::CError::errmsg[] [static, package]
Initial value:
      "Malformed regular expression.",
      "Missing close parenthesis.",
      "Too many regular expressions or expression too long.",
      "Missing [ in character class.",
      "^ must be at start of expression or after [.",
      "+ ? or * must follow an expression or subexpression.",
      "Newline in quoted string.",
      "Missing } in macro expansion.",
      "Macro does not exist.",
      "Macro expansions nested too deeply.",
      "JLex has not been successfully initialized.",
      "Unexpected end-of-file found.",
      "Undefined or badly-formed JLex directive.",
      "Internal JLex error.",
      "Unitialized state name.",
      "Badly formed macro definition.",
      "Syntax error.",
      "Missing brace at start of lexical action.",
      "Special character dash - in character class [...] must\n"
      + "\tbe preceded by start-of-range character.",
      "Zero-length regular expression.",
      "Illegal \\^C-style escape sequence (character following caret must\n"
        + "\tbe alphabetic).",

Definition at line 4540 of file Main.java.

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